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Om bare to dage udkommer Kamp til stregen, bog fire i Off-Campus serien, på dansk. Det er en fantastisk serie, synes jeg! Derfor er jeg også superglad for at kunne fortælle, at jeg har fået lov at stille Elle Kennedy nogle spørgsmål

Hi Elle. I’m so happy to have you here! Let’s just get right into it. The Goal is releasing in Denmark on March 15th. If you had to describe the book using just three words, what would you say?

Sexy, heartwarming, funny.

Are there any “easter eggs” in your books? Little things that only a few will notice?

Not really, unless you count appearances from characters from previous books.

The series was recently released with the Danish covers in the US. What in particular did you love about the Danish covers, and did you have a say in them yourself?

One of the things I loved about the Danish covers was they were unique, and much different than what we usually see here in North America. They don’t scream “romance novel” when you glance at them, making them more friendly to people who like to read outside the home. My say in foreign edition covers is pretty small, but I had no problems when they were shown to me. I adored them and thought they would be perfect for the print editions here in North America!

The New Adult genre is still pretty new. What makes this genre different and why do you think we need it?

New Adult is great in that it’s very relatable for a lot of people. It’s an age in our lives where we’re still discovering a lot about who we are and an opportunity for our first love.

What’s next from you?

A bit of everything! A new Off-Campus spin-off is starting this year, I’ve got the last book in my Killer Instincts series coming out in April, and I’ve got a couple books I’m writing with Sarina Bowen and as Erin Watt with Jen Frederick!

If we can’t wait that long, what are three books you recommend we check out to pass the time?

Sacked by Jen Frederick (also NA sports romance), Good Boy (co-written with Sarina Bowen), and anything by Danielle Steel!

Thank you so much Elle. It was a pleasure!

Thanks for having me!


Glæder du dig også til afslutningen på serien? 

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